el.table([props], t)

Loads a lookup table from a buffer in the virtual file system, from which it performs an interpolated read with a position determined by the incoming signal phase.

The lookup position is given as a normalized phase value with linear interpolation for lookup positions that fall between two distinct values. For example, driving a lookup table with a simple phasor will sweep through the entire lookup table at the rate of the phasor (this example is great for wavetable synthesis). To read only a partial segment of the wavetable, you can multiply and add to the phasor such that the table sweeps through just the desired segment.


// Sweep the whole table, as in wavetable synthesis
el.table({path: '/path/to/squareWaveTable.wav'}, el.phasor(220));
// Or to sweep a specific segment
el.table({path: '/path/to/padSound.wav'}, el.add(0.1, el.mul(0.1, el.phasor(1))));


path''StringThe name of the sample buffer in the VFS