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el.delay([props], len, fb, x)

A variable-length delay line with a feedback component. Expects three children:

  1. The delay time in samples
  2. A feedback coefficient on the range [-1, 1]
  3. The signal to delay


el.delay({size: 44100}, el.ms2samps(len), fb, x)

// Adding a simple feedforward component
el.add(el.mul(ff, x), el.delay({size: 44100}, el.ms2samps(len), fb, x))

When fb = 0, this gives a simple signal delay. At small delay times, and with various feedback and feedforward components, this gives various comb filters. At larger delay times with fb > 0 this gives a simple feedback delay/echo. Adding a feedforward component ff = -fb, this gives an allpass filter.



size0NumberSets the maximum delay line length in samples