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el.snapshot([props], t, x)

Added in v0.11.0 (Pro tier only)

The snapshot node is conceptually very similar to el.latch, or sample and hold, except that the value sampled is not propagated as a signal, rather sent as an event through the core event emitter.

Specifically, el.snapshot(t, x) will always propagate the input signal x, but on the rising edge of a pulse train t it will capture the current value of x and emit an event.

Expected children:

  1. The control signal, t, a pulse train
  2. The input signal to sample


core.render(el.snapshot({name: "ss"}, el.train(1), el.cycle(20)));

core.on('snapshot', function(e) {
console.log(e); // { source: "ss", data: 0.1394131 }


nameundefinedStringFor identifying snapshot events