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el.capture([props], g, x)

Records its input signal x precisely in accordance with the gate signal g. When the gate signal is high (== 1.0), the capture node will record its input into an internal buffer. When the gate signal goes low (-> 0.0), recording immediately stops, and the captured buffer is emitted via an event named "capture" through the event propagation interface.

The "capture" event carries a source property to identify which el.capture() node the event relates to, as identified by the name prop, as well as a data property containing the captured data.


core.render(el.capture({name: "test"}, el.train(1),{channel: 0})));

core.on('capture', function(e) {
console.log(e); // { source: "test", data: Float32Array([...]) }


nameundefinedStringFor identifying events