el.seq2([props], t, reset)

A simple signal sequencer. Receives a sequence of values from the seq property and steps through them on each rising edge of an incoming pulse train. Expects two children, first the pulse train to trigger the next step of the sequence. The second child is another pulse train whose rising edge will reset the sequence position back to the beginning or to the index specified by the offset prop.

This node is almost identical to el.seq, but for a rather simple difference: el.seq will only reset to its provided offset index on the rising edge of an incoming reset signal. By contrast, el.seq2 continuously factors the provided offset into the current index calculation, which means that changing the property value is immediately reflected in the sequence playback.

It's likely a rare case where you will need to differentiate between seq2 and seq, but prefer seq2 by default as its reset and offset behavior is more robust.


  {path: '/path/to/kick.wav'},
    {seq: [1, 0, 1, 0, 0, 0, 1, 1]},


seq[]ArrayThe sequence of values to generate
offset0numberThe sequence offset value
holdfalseBoolWhen true, continues to output the sequence value until the next trigger
looptrueBoolWhen true, sequence repeats, looping from end to start, indefinitely