It's time to simplify the way we write audio software

Elementary is a modern platform for writing high performance audio software that helps you build quickly and ship confidently.


A fundamentally different way to write audio software

Elementary brings the functional, reactive programming model to a world dominated by imperative, object oriented code. That means faster development, simpler code, and unimpaired creativity.


Elementary makes it simple to create interactive audio processes. Declarative composition means describing the "what" of your audio process, and leaving Elementary to figure out the "how."


Build highly reusable components that manage their own sub-graphs according to their given state, then compose them to make complete applications, all in JavaScript.


One language, one paradigm, no hidden complexity: no need to learn a dedicated language for your DSP while using a different language and workflow for the rest of your app.

Portable By Design

Write once, run anywhere

The Elementary core engine is built to be run anywhere, from the browser, to the desktop, to embedded devices.

Audio Plugins

Build your plugins with Elementary using our Plugin Dev Kit and all of your favorite web technology. Experience the most streamlined development workflow in the industry with hot-reloading of both your UI and your DSP.
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Web Browser

Integrates seamlessly with WebAudio for a completely web-native browser experience. You won't want to go back to the Web Audio API without it.
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Develop at the command line for realtime or offline processing and tooling using Node.js and your favorite npm modules, then add a native desktop frontend with tools like Electron or Tauri.
More about Node.js ➜

Embedded SDK

Need something more customized? Extend the Elementary core engine with your proprietary DSP in C++, and embed Elementary into your existing native stack.
More coming soon

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