el.sample([props], t, rate)

Loads a sample from the virtual file system and triggers its playback on the rising edge of an incoming pulse train. Expects two children: first the pulse train to trigger playback, and second a signal which continuously directs the sample's playback rate. For example,

el.sample({path: 'kick.wav'}, el.train(1), 1);   // Equivalent to the default playback
el.sample({path: 'kick.wav'}, el.train(1), 0.5); // Half speed playback
el.sample({path: 'kick.wav'}, el.train(1), el.add(1, el.cycle(1))); // Continuous pitch modulation


path''StringThe name of the sample buffer in the VFS
mode'trigger'StringOne of "trigger", "gate", "loop"
startOffset0NumberOffset in samples from the start of the sample where playback starts
stopOffset0NumberOffset in samples from the end of the sample where playback ends