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el.fft([props], x)

Added in v0.11.0 (Pro tier only)

Analyzes its input signal x with a real value to complex value Fast Fourier Transform, emitting the results of each analysis block as a JavaScript event through the core event emitter. The input signal x is otherwise propagated through unmodified.

The "fft" event carries a source property to identify which el.fft() the event relates to as identified by the name prop, as well as a data object containing both a real and an imag property, representing the results of the FFT analysis.


core.render(el.fft({name: "myfft"}, el.blepsaw(20)));

core.on('fft', function(e) {
console.log(e); // { source: "myfft", data: { real: [...], imag: [...] } }


nameundefinedStringFor identifying FFT events
size1024NumberFFT block size