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Frequently asked questions

A collection of quick answers to commonly asked questions. Have a question that you don't see here? Feel free to get in touch or join our Discord community above and ask away!

How does the pricing "per person" work?
The monthly fee listed in the pricing table above is paid per person per month, by which we mean that each developer actively using Elementary in your project must have an active license. For example, suppose you have 5 people on your team and only 3 of them work with Elementary, you should maintain an active monthly subscription for 3 licenses to cover your team.
What does the Indie tier funding limit mean?
The Indie pricing tier is designed to offer a lower-cost solution to new or small businesses. We welcome your team to the Indie license tier if your annual revenue is less than $500,000 USD or if your aggregate funding amount is less than $500,000 USD. As your business grows and exceeds that limit, we'll help you transition to the Enterprise tier with a solution tailored to work for you.
I want to build with Elementary, but learning new tech can be time consuming and risky. What's the right move for me?
New tech can always be a bit daunting from a business perspective, especially if it's unlike your current workflow. This is a major reason we introduced our support packages, so that we can help you get up to speed and mitigate the risk. If this sounds like you, we recommend starting with a support package for 3-4 months to get direct access to our team and training with Elementary. With the included licensing, you can build and launch with the support package. When you're feeling confident and up to speed, we'll help you transition to the appropriate licensing tier.
Are licenses transferrable?
Absolutely. As an example, if you lose a member from your team of 3 and subsequently hire a new teammate, your existing license for the prior teammate can immediately be applied to cover your new teammate.
Do you offer perpetual licenses?
Not yet. We want to, but perpetual licenses become tricky in the way they affect receiving updates. Typically, a perpetual license will grant you access to updates over a fixed period of time after the purchase date. Elementary is a young project, and although it's well mature enough to use commercially, we have a lot we want to add to it over the coming months and years. For that reason, we're hesitant to lock anybody into a fixed term for receiving updates. If you really need a perpetual license, please get in touch and we'll be happy to talk.
What's your cancellation policy?
You may cancel your license subscription or update the number of licenses at any time. If you drop your license altogether you must immediately stop the sale and distribution of any products built with Elementary. You may continue to use Elementary thereafter for personal use under the "Personal" tier described in the pricing table.