Elementary Plugin Dev Kit

DAW, meet JavaScript. The Elementary Plugin Dev Kit, now in private beta, lets you build audio plugins in real time inside your DAW. Sign up for the waitlist below to be notified when it's ready.

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Web Technology

Build your products using your favorite web tools and frameworks: React.js, Vue, Svelte, Tailwind, etc.

Hot Reload

Instantly reload your application, including your DSP, inside the DAW without a hitch.


Deliver your finished product to your own customers with a white-label export feature.


Watch the Presentation

A walkthrough using Elementary's Plugin Dev Kit to build a product, eliminating entire categories of difficult problems in traditional workflows.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I write my UI with React/Vue/Angular/Svelte/Material/Bootstrap?
Yep. You can use whatever frameworks you prefer: the plugin dev kit is a complete web environment which integrates with Elementary's audio engine.
Does it work in any DAW?
The Elementary Plugin Dev Kit is available in AU and VST3 formats, for MacOS, Windows, and Linux. Any DAW which supports these formats should be fine.
How much does it cost?
Initially, the Elementary Plugin Dev Kit is free to download, explore, and develop with. When you're happy with your product and want to distribute, get in touch and we'll help you deliver your product with your own branding under a simple commercial license.
How does it perform?
It's up to you to write a high-performance frontend, but Elementary's underlying engine is designed to facilitate high performance native audio rendering out of the box. If you need more speed, you can always drop down into the Embedded Runtime SDK.
Is it sample accurate?
Any signal description propagated through to the audio engine interacts with the other signals with sample accuracy. MIDI events (coming soon) will lose their sample accuracy when making a trip through the JavaScript environment. If you need sample accurate MIDI handling, check out the Embedded Runtime SDK.