SRVB plugin user interface


Product information

Version 1.1.2 (Updated )

An elegant and versatile Feedback Delay Network (FDN) reverb.


Free code licensing from the Elementary Private Registry now through Wednesday, June 22nd, 2022.


  • Elegant, clear and versatile
  • Available in VST3/AU for MacOS 10.11+
  • Code licensing from the Elementary Private Registry



A versatile stereo reverb algorithm built on a feedback delay network with damping and subtle modulation for a touch of character.


The SRVB npm package here is distributed in the Elementary Private Registry. After creating an account on the Elementary website and configuring your .npmrc, you can fetch the package as normal:

npm install --save @elemaudio/srvb

Usage Example

import srvb from '@elemudio/srvb';
import {default as core} from '@elemaudio/plugin-renderer';

core.on('load', function(e) {
  let xl ={channel: 0}); // Left channel input
  let xr ={channel: 1}); // Right channel input

  // Left and right channel output signal
  let [yl, yr] = srvb.srvb({
    key: 'myReverb',
    size: 0.5,
    decay: 0.5,
    mod: 0.2,
    mix: 0.8,
  }, xl, xr);

  core.render(yl, yr);



srvb(props, xl, xr)

  • @param {object} props
  • @param {string} props.key uniquely identify the internal reverb tap structure
  • @param {number} props.size in [0, 1]
  • @param {number} props.decay in [0, 1]
  • @param {number} props.mod in [0, 1]
  • @param {number} props.mix in [0, 1]
  • @param {core.Node} xl left channel input
  • @param {core.Node} xr right channel input
  • @returns {Array<core.Node>} [yl, yr] left and right output pair


This package is distributed under the terms of the Elementary Audio SDK License Agreement which can be found at

The background image used in the compiled plugin is generated by SVGBackgrounds.