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Using the Private Registry

Elementary uses a private npm registry to license and distribute packages from the Elementary Marketplace.

Using the private registry is as simple as configuring your npm client to load packages with the @elemaudio scope from the appropriate URL, and with the appropriate API key.

Making an account

To make an account on the private registry, simply visit and sign up or log in. You will receive an email with a sign-in link after entering your email address.

Configuring npm

After signing in, you'll find the following instructions on your account dashboard.

# First, point npm to the Elementary private registry
$ npm config set "@elemaudio:registry" ""

# Then, configure npm with your new API Key
$ npm config set "//" "YOUR_API_KEY_HERE"

# Finally, check that it works
$ npm install @elemaudio/compressor


The private registry is only used for marketplace products. After configuring your client as above, any request for a public Elementary package such as @elemaudio/core will simply be redirected from the private registry to the public npm registry. This should be a transparent part of the installation procedure, but you may notice your package-lock.json or yarn.lock files resolving the public @elemaudio/ packages to